Here are resources that the lab often uses, but were not developed by us!

COMET-Behavioral activation (BA) from Prolific study

COMET-BA is an online program that our research team is studying to help people reduce stress, sadness, and anxiety and improve their well-being. We studied COMET-BA in over 800 people across the U.S. and found it was effective for reducing depression and anxiety and increased people’s abilities to cope well. In the program, you will be asked to read about and briefly practice a skill to improve your well-being. We designed the program to take about 10 minutes in each module. We recommend doing the modules one week apart, in order, and to spend time between each module to practice the exercises.

Good luck and thank you for your interest in our work

Week 1: Activity scheduling

Week 2: Avoidance

Week 3: Values

Week 4: Change plan

Doing what matters in times of stress (book)

This guide was developed by the World Health Organization for help dealing with stress. You can find the guide below! If you were in one of our studies that used the guide, also look for it in your e-mail.

Please note: You won’t be able to open this from your cellphone. If you want to access it online go here: or e-mail us to get a copy!

Doing what matters

COMET single-session intervention (30-40 minutes)

The COMET intervention was developed by Akash Wasill and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania.

You can find the intervention here. If you want to enter the URL in your web browser, this is the address: